Kindergarten Orientation

Kindergarten Orientation
Posted on 06/15/2020
I hope everyone is excited about Kindergarten in the Fall! Traditionally, we offer several activities that help us to get to know you and your child and help you get to know us before your child starts school. Unfortunately, current guidelines and restrictions prevent us from conducting those activities. Instead, our team has worked hard to bring you an assortment of on-line and virtual activities to help with the process.

Parent Orientation--This evening program is usually an opportunity for you to meet the teachers as we share information about a typical day in Kindergarten. Our Kindergarten team has created a slideshow filled with information. 
Student Visit--We usually have several opportunities for students to visit the school and work with the teachers in small groups. This helps us see your child work with other children and helps us create balanced classes. In lieu of this, we have created a Google Form for you to supply us with some information about your child: interests, hobbies, strengths, etc. Please complete the form using the following link as soon as you can.
Student Orientation Video--Student visits would have allowed your child to meet the teachers. So, our team created a slideshow for students, too. Please play it for your children as often as it takes to familiarize them with our faces!
Welcome Letter and Supply List--Although we do purchase supplies for children, in the past we have had “community supplies” such as scissors, markers, etc. This year we intend to have every child have their own individual supplies. This letter contains suggested supplies in case you would like to purchase them for your child.
Read-Alouds--Another way you can help your child to become more familiar with us if you are not currently a PV parent is to have them view some stories we have recorded using the link below. In addition to stories read by me, there are stories read by some of the Kindergarten teachers (Miss Schaffman, Mrs. Darby, Mrs. Parent, Mrs. LaGrange, and Mrs. Wagner), our librarian (Miss Brihan), and our School Social Worker (Mrs. DePorte). Hopefully, by sharing these read-alouds with your child, they will feel more comfortable when they join us in the fall.

If you know someone who has not yet registered for kindergarten, please encourage them to do so; the email address provided in Power School is the only way to receive correspondence from me via SchoolMessenger. 

If you have any questions after this process, please reach out to me. The best way to reach me is usually by email. You can also call the school office and we will return your call the next time we are in school.

Tiffany Caouette
Pleasant Valley Principal